Golden Vie Inc is a non-profit organization that aims to provide philanthropy services in innovative and unique ways. Our mission  is to give to low income, first generation, and immigrant high school seniors through our events, workshops, apparel and service projects. The main goal is to  give people a platform that allows them to “Give in a Golden Way to provide students a Golden Life.”
Golden Vie Inc targets low income, first generation,  Haitian Immigrant and Haitian American high school students in Palm Beach County. But we do aim to provide resources to all students.


The purpose of all our programs, projects and events is to provide resources and information to low income and at risk high school students to be ready and prepared for college.


  • Glass Slippers Prom Project

Providing new and gently used prom dresses to all qualified female low income high school scholar and or a prom makeover

  • College Readiness Workshop

Providing college advice, tips and resources to prepare ESOL students for college as a first-generation student. Partnering up with first generation college student leaders to provide tips, and advice.

  • Golden Ticket College Supplies Sponsorship Project

Providing low income Haitian Descent High school students residing in Palm Beach County college supplies for college and dorm. Only for students who are attending college outside of Palm Beach County.

  • Immigrant Resources and First Generation College Tips

Providing immigrant students and first generation students of immigrant parents resources on how to apply for financial assistance for college.

Anith Benjamin

Anith Benjamin is the founder of Golden Vie Inc . Anith is has a passion to give to her community and give to low income, first generation, immigrant high school  students.  Anith has a vision to establish innovative programs and stylish products to allow people to give to the services that Golden Vie Inc supports. She wanted to create a platform that allowed people to give in a golden way. You can follow Anith Benjamin in all her social media outlets by clicking on the links below.


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