Golden Vie Inc is a non-profit organization that aims to provide philanthropy services in innovative and unique ways. Our mission  is to give to Haitian Immigrant and American low income, first generation high school seniors through our events, workshops, apparel and service projects. The main goal is to  give people a platform that allows them to “Give in a Golden Way to provide students a Golden Life.” Golden Vie Inc targets low-income, first generation,  Haitian Immigrant and Haitian American high school students in South Florida. But we do aim to provide resources to all students everywhere.


Glass Slippers

Prom Project

Providing a low - income graduating High school senior with a 3.0 gpa with a sponsored Prom dress, hair, and make- up services.

College Readiness Workshop

Providing college advice, tips and resources to prepare ESOL students for college as a first-generation student. Partnering up with first generation college student leaders to provide tips, and advice.

Golden Ticket Sponsorship

Providing a low income Haitian Descent High school student with a 3.0 gpa with  college supplies for college and their dorm. 


Providing college readiness resources and tips to prepare students for college.