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Rags To Riche$ Graduation Story

Many low-income students can easily become overwhelmed by the college admissions process. A lack of resources and guidance can ultimately lead to these low-income students missing out on many opportunities for quality education and funding. College is already hard but when you lack the resources it's more of a struggle. Here at Golden Vie we aim to provide upcoming college students the resources and supplies to succeed. But most importantly we want to inspire and motivate the students we can not serve. Here are some recent graduates of the Fall Class of 2018 who despite their lack of resources made it and graduated.

With that being said, Welcome To The Golden Spotlight! Where it's always LIT! We hope that these featured graduates motivates, and inspires you all to Be Golden and to Stay Golden.

Grad: @joflexxin | Degree: Marketing and Business Management | University: Florida Atlantic University

@joflexxin: "Immigrated to America with limited resources; despite the many obstacles faced I did not become a statistic, instead I overcame adversity. I have staged my path for success by securing my education along with the bag.

Mama took me out the 509, but I’m gon always love and rep my Ayiti Cherie. On August 11, 2009 my mom flew our entire family of 7, including my dad, from Les Cayes, Haiti to Miami, FL. No, she didn’t know what the next step was; Mind you we all had Visas that would expire in 6 months time. She envisioned a promising future for her children and she worked her legs & back off to make sure our family was straight. My mother, a resilient black queen and single mother of 5, sacrificed a lot to make sure my dreams came true. Fast forward... I’m graduating early with two degrees. People ask me how I did it, the sleepless nights, how did I balance everything? Just know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I do it for my mama."

Grad: @ernbernful | Degree: Criminal Justice & Psychology | University: Florida A&M University

Ernest Pierre is a upcoming Florida Agriculture & mechanical university graduate with studies in criminal justice and psychology. Coming from a single parent home made Ernest grow up fast. Not having the proper tools never stopped him from learning. Ernest would spend countless of hours working in order to provide for himself while in college. Dealing with college, work, organization and running his production business has all been one of his greatest success stories till this day. Ernest has never let anything stop him from becoming great. “I believe when you put God first, he will lead the way. There has been times where I wanted to give up but I never let that stop me because I knew God was testing me.” From then on, Ernest continues to pray and devote his time into God and flourish from the benefits. One thing he proves to be vital in college is to network for net-worth. “The greatest tool is your knowledge! Use it to build a foundation.”

Grad: @widdo_doe | Degree: Bachelors of Science in Music Industry | University: Florida A&M University

@widdo_doe: "As I look back on this past year, the only way I can explain this journey is “But God”. A year ago, I was stuck in a hospital bed unable to physically move my body with a broken ankle 3 weeks before finals. The beginning of 2018 taught me pain & patience. I still wonder how I successfully completed 14 classes in 1 semester, while going to physical therapy and regular doctor visits on one leg. “But God”.

The enemy always tries to break you, “But God” has bigger plans for you. I shouldn’t have walked away from that accident, “But God” said he wasn’t done with me just yet. 

If someone would have told me a year ago where I’d be right now, I would have laughed in their face. “But God” proved me wrong.

I stand here today to say that December 15th at 9am on THE Highest of Seven Hills, on the campus of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, I will be crossing that stage and attaining my Bachelors of Science in Music Industry.

The devil thought he won my battle, “But God” is just getting started."

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