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Today's Golden Spotlight

#FirstGenerationCollegeStudent #FirstGenerationGrad

Today's Golden Spotlight goes to: @julno12 Michely Julno, born and raised in Belle Glade, Florida to two Haitian Immigrant Parents. She is a proud young Haitian American with the desire to further her education and give back to the community, which sprouted because of the hardships of her parents and others in her community have faced. She currently attend Glades Central Community High School and Palm Beach State College as an Early Admit Student, with a GPA of 3.82 and HPA of 4.9.

Her Golden Testimony: "My parents never had the opportunity to graduate high school, my mother started but never finished because of teen pregnancy, while my father dropped out of middle school and started to work full-time to be able to provide for himself. After graduating high school, I would like to further my education at the Florida State University. GOOO NOOLES !! I would be a first-generation graduate, and I want to be the one to break the generational curse of my family, poverty and the lack of education in my community.While planning to further my education, I intend to double major in Education and Legal Studies and minor in Social Psychology. After graduating college, I plan to start my career as an Educator and continue my education by going to law school, in plans of becoming a Corporate and Immigration Lawyer."

Michely Julno is also the recipient of the Glass Slippers Prom Project 2020 for Golden Vie Inc. A service project we partnered with Haitians Who Blog to offer a funded Prom Experience to a low-income graduate student. She was chosen from 50 + candidates but was sadly forced to postpone the project due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the prom. Nevertheless we will still embrace donations and sponsorship to Michely so ensure her back to school needs a meet. You can donate via PayPal using our email:

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